Broadway Market


Sat: 9am-5pm

You shouldn't have been in London for a long time before you will know that there's only one correct way to spend your weekends - that being going to markets. In the heart of many locals is Broadway market. The actual market takes place every Saturday from 9am to 5pm on the shopping street with the same name in the heart of Hackney, East London. Here, you will find independent boutiques, stalls with authentic street food and original arts and crafts - among these Norwegian smoked salmon from "Hansen & Lydersen", Danish baked goods from "Nyborg's kitchen" and Scandinavian homewares from "Att Pynta".



Behind Att Pynta is the Swedish-British duo Kai & Amanda, who connected when they found out that they shared a love for Scandinavian aesthetic, which led to the creation of the Scandinavian style and interiors univers Att Pynta. At their stand at Broadway market (as well as online) you will find kitchenware, homeware, stylish textiles and lightning. Even better are the prices, as Att Pynta describes themselves "a destination for Scandinavian style and interiors without breaking the bank."


Smoked Salmon

If you think smoked salmon just is smoked salmon, think again. Behind Hansen & Lydersen is Ole Hansen-Lydersen who is carrying on a family tradition that has now lasted four generations in his native Norway. In an effort to make the best possible smoked salmon in the world each little step, detail and technique is constantly being tested and challenged, making food enthusiasts, chefs and people with a love for smoked salmon coming back.



Danish Sara Nyborg is the owner and founder of Nyborg's kitchen; a kitchen that celebrates the Danish love for anything that contains rye, cinnamon & "hygge". Especially rye and cinnamon are the predominant ingredients in the traditional Danish baked goods you will find here, such as Danish rye bread and Danish cinnamon buns.In addition, Nyborg's kitchen sells marmalade and Jam as well as traditional Scandinavian seasons pastries.