Snaps & Rye

Recently opened Snaps & Rye on Golborne Road in the North Kensington area is (London’s only at the moment) Danish Eatery & Takeaway place and written by a Dane, it really feels exactly like being back home in Copenhagen again. Snaps & Rye takes its name from the main elements of the menu, “Snaps”, a traditional Danish spirit and “Rye”, the base of Smørrebrød. The food consists of Danish classics, such as the open-faced rye bread sandwiches Smørrebrød, meatballs and Danish pastries – complemented by traditional Danish drinks. All of this can be enjoyed in the light and industrial-chic restaurant or bought home together with Danish goods, such as jams, “Lakrids” by Johan Bülow and Danish design items.

AREA Nothing Hill
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93 Golborne Road,
London W10 5NL

Tue-Wed: 8am-6pm
Thu-Sat: 8am-11pm
Sun: 10am-6pm